Who We Are

The Whoa Doggy! Team is made up of pet professionals with big hearts. We treat every home we enter and every pet we meet with professionalism and love. We believe that is the foundation of a truly reliable, trustworthy, and honest pet sitter or dog walker.

Every member of our pet sitting and dog walking team is experienced and passionate about caring for pets. Whoa Doggy! Team Members are employees, not independent contractors. Everyone on the Team is dedicated to our wonderful Whoa Doggy! clients - they are not just picking up jobs here and there. Each Team Member goes through extensive training prior to entering your home and caring for your pets, and continue to receive ongoing training as members of our Team. As employees, Whoa Doggy! pet sitters and dog walkers are on consistent schedules and work in micro-territories within our service area, allowing them to really get to know every human and furry client really well. We thrive on the relationships we build. These are just a few things that you can't do with independent contractors, and are the main reasons we invest in employees for our team. Additionally, every pet sitter and dog walker on the Whoa Doggy! Team goes through thorough screening and background checks prior to joining the team.

Our team of pet sitters and dog walkers is the best there is, and the purrs and wagging tails are the proof. Please take a moment to meet our team and see the smiling faces that greet your pet when you are working with the Whoa Doggy! Team.



Garey & Erica