Chris G.

Dog Walker Atlanta Decatur

Chris is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Atlanta in June, 2014 after spending a few years in Washington DC, where he was a professional dog walker. He loves being outdoors and is an avid cyclist, and also loves working with his hands doing woodworking projects. He volunteers regularly at Lifecycle Building Center, putting those skills to great use. It’s no surprise, then, that he has a BA in Architecture and a Masters Degree in Construction Management. Chris works full-time as a Director of  Technical Programs for Construction Specifications Institute, but has a very flexible schedule that lends itself to spending time to pursue his pet care passion, and his hobbies. Chris and his wife live in Inman Park with their two cats, Chubbs, a Chartreux, and Brizzy, a Tortie.

Chris is an indispensable trained member of our team, although he is not on a regular schedule like the rest of the team. Chris adds an extra layer of reliability to our team by acting as our backup dog walker and pet sitter. When another Whoa Doggy! Team Member takes time off or has an emergency, Chris is there to stand in. He also regularly is scheduled to work when we are extra busy around major holidays. We feel great knowing that we have a backup plan in place, and we don’t know what we’d do without him!

Pet Sitter Atlanta Decatur