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Review: Best Pet Sitters in Atlanta

Finding the Best Pet Sitter in Atlanta to care for your pets when you're away doesn't have to be difficult. Let us help you find the best fit for you and your pets!

Finding the Best Pet Sitter in Atlanta to care for your pets when you're away doesn't have to be difficult. Let us help you find the best fit for you and your pets!

So you live in Atlanta and you find yourself needing a Pet Sitter. There are certainly a lot of options!

There's a lot of benefit to having choices, but sometimes too many choices can seem overwhelming.

There's so much to consider when choosing the Best Pet Sitter for you and your pet. Although we serve many happy clients every day, we know we aren't always going to be the best fit for everyone. Your pets should always come first when selecting a service, and when Whoa Doggy! isn't the best choice for you, we like to have other pet sitting companies that we can recommend.

Review of the best pet sitters in atlanta

Let's review some of the Best Pet Sitters that Atlanta has to offer:

  1. Critter Sitters: "Critter Sitters provides caring, responsible pet sitting for the owners of much loved dogs, cats, and other pets. We give love and companionship while you’re away."
  2. Laughing Pets Atlanta: "Our mission is to love and care for your pets when you aren’t able to be there. Laughing Pets Atlanta will give you the peace of mind that you need while you are away. Keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe is paramount; all service is customized to fit specific needs of you and your pets. We are committed to maintaining a professional demeanor at all times, except when we are with your pets."
  3. Diogi: "Our mission is to sustain the well-being and happiness of Atlanta’s pets while their humans are at work and play by providing personalized pet sitting and dog walking services as well as custom dog training programs created by our dog trainer, Emily Parker, CPDT-KA. Our team is dedicated to always putting your pet first. As pet parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry, feathered or scaly baby in the hands of someone else."
  4. Cutie Paws: "A locally owned and operated Atlanta pet sitting service with lots of love to offer, we are all about your pets! Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish…we love all that is furry, feathery and scaly. We completely recognize that your pets are your children, and in our own way, we take care of you the parent as well! We understand how important the connection is between you and your pet, and we do our very best to alleviate any anxiety that you may have while you are away by maintaining your pets routine as best as possible."
  5. Frogs to Dogs: "Our mission is to always provide you and your pet family with exemplary services. We pride ourselves on gaining the applause of each client and the wag of each tail."

Which Pet Sitter is right for you?

We know choosing the right Pet Sitter is an important decision. Your Pet Sitter will be responsible for your precious pet, as well as your home while you're not there! It's a huge responsibility, and there's so much to consider. We wrote an informative blog series called, "So, You Need a Pet Sitter", to give you some points to consider and questions to ask when interviewing your potential Pet Sitter:

How can we help you find a pet sitter?

We have a wonderful team of highly trained, professional pet sitters! If you'd like to meet us to see if we are a good fit for you and your pet, just let us know!

Our New Website and an Important Update

Hey y'all!

We've got some fun news - Our new website is live! It's been a long time coming, and we've been working really hard at it for some time now, so we are really excited about it. Our favorite part about it, by far, is the "Meet The Team" page, which features photos and bios about each pet sitter and dog walker on the Whoa Doggy! Team. So if you haven't ran into your favorite Whoa Doggy! dog walker or pet sitter before, and you want to put a face to the name, please check it out!

Our friend, Blue thinks this news is all really fantastic!

Our friend, Blue thinks this news is all really fantastic!

We also have an important update, which involves a really nice upgrade to your experience with Whoa Doggy! We have been using pet sitting software for the last three years, which allows you to update your pet profiles with current information, and schedule all of your pet sitting and dog walking appointments online. It's been a really successful and beneficial feature of our service for our clients and for our Team!

The time has come for us to upgrade that software, and we are in the process of implementing those changes right now! The new pet sitting software will provide a really nice, upgraded user experience for our clients. You'll enjoy a more streamlined, user friendly website, with a very intuitive and modern look and feel. It's truly an upgrade all around, and we are very happy that we can bring the new platform to you!

We want to make the transition as easy as possible for all of our clients, so we are taking care of migrating client and pet profiles to our new system for you. When it's ready to go (we'll announce a date very soon), you'll be sent an activation link. All you'll have to do is create a new password for your account, and re-enter your payment information (we can't do that part for you since that information is totally secure, and we don't have access to it).

We hope you enjoy the new website and the upcoming software upgrade! Please be on the lookout for an update in the next couple of weeks, and please share your comments below!

Wags & Hugs,

Owner & Professional Pet Sitter/Belly Rubber