5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love a Cat Sitter

So you want to get out of town and are thinking about hiring a professional cat sitter.  Many cats are fairly independent, and are often left at home for a couple days with lots of food and water. It is also quite common to board cats with the veterinarian. The benefits of hiring a cat sitter can be really great for your cat as well as your peace of mind. Here are out Top 5 Reason to hire a Cat Sitter:

1. The comfort of their home

We all know cats love a solid routine. So, why take them out of an environment where they are the most comfortable? With a professional cat sitter, your cat can keep his routine, and minimize the stress of you going out of town.

2. Safety & Fresh Water, Food, and Litter

Most cats are incredibly independent and it is not uncommon for them to be left for days with an automatic feeder, litter scooper, and water fountain. However, automatic feeders and water fountains do occasionally malfunction, and water bowls can be knocked over leaving your cat with no water and possibly damage to your home.. The safety of your home is also another consideration - you can have the power go out, a pipe burst, a break in can occur not only know your cat is safe, but that your home is safe as well.

3. No traveling

Many cats do not particularly enjoy car rides! Between loading a cat into his carrier, the car ride, and dropping him off at an unfamiliar place, this can be a very stressful event for your cat!. Why stress them out when you can simply leave them home?

Secondly, you will save travel time by not having to drop off and pick up your cat when boarding. Often times you can even miss the pickup deadline, forcing your cat to stay an extra night and increasing your cat care costs.

4. Individual Attention

Whether you decide to board your cat or just leave it home alone for a few days, your sweet feline companion is not getting the one-on-one attention is deserves. A cat sitter will focus on your fur baby in all the specific ways you want them to. Maybe they have a favorite toy they like to play with, or they simply enjoy a good brushing on their favorite chair by the window. The personalized service you will get with a professional cat sitter is something your cat will absolutely love!

5. Your cat won’t be exposed to illness or disease

Yes, boarding facilities require all animals to be vaccinated. However, cats can be susceptible to illness because their immune system weakens in times of heightened stress.

With so many upsides to hiring a professional cat sitter, the choice is clear for how to best care for your cat.   How do you have your cat and home cared for when you go away? Let us know in the comments below!