Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for your Pet

With Halloween just around the corner, as pet sitters we get asked a lot of questions about costumes and treats for pets. While it’s a lot of fun to include your pets in the festivities, there are also a few things you should keep in mind to make sure this Halloween holiday is fun and safe for your dog or cat. Here is a breakdown of our Top 5 things to watch out for to keep your pets safe during Halloween:


You will be opening and closing your front door to trick-or-treaters all night long. It’s recommended that you keep your pet in a secure place. You can put them in a separate room or even put up a gate that will keep them from having access to the front door. But please do be sure your pet has an ID tag on and even a microchip in case they do accidently escape.

Black Cats

Cats should be kept indoors around the holiday as well. Unfortunately, there are people that like to play pranks with black cats in particular. It is not uncommon for these cases of animal cruelty to occur. There are even shelters and rescues that won’t adopt out black cats during this time. So, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Your feline companion will appreciate it.

Pumpkin Carving

It’s time to carve that pumpkin. Your pet may be overly curious and feel the desire to examine your pumpkin guts. Chunks of pumpkin or even pumpkin seed can become lodged in your pet’s throat or an intestinal blockage can occur as well. Make sure you thoroughly clean up after yourself to ensure your furry companion doesn’t ingest anything that can harm them.

Candy Candy Candy!

Your house will be full of sweets. You need to be sure these tasty treats will be out of reach and in a location that your pet cannot get into. Your furbaby could choke on said candy or if it’s chocolate and enough of it they can die. Thus, it is vital you keep the sweets locked away for their safety.

Costumes for your Pets

Dressing up your pet for Halloween can be fun, as long as they actually like it. Be sure their costume fits and isn’t constricting them in any way. Bandanas are always a festive alternative.

What do you do with your pets during Halloween?