5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy This Fall

Fall has arrived! Here in Atlanta and Decatur, we are enjoying the break in the weather, and cooler temperatures mean one thing: More time outside! So here are our top 5 things to be mindful of when you're spending more time outside with your dog.

Shorter Days = Less Light

Your days are getting shorter which means it’s likely it will be dark during hours you normally take your pet on a walk. You could use a reflective leash or collar or even a reflective vest to help make your pet more visible during these hours.

Cooler Weather = Warmer Clothing

Your little furbaby may be more sensitive to the cooler weather. It’s as simple as purchasing a coat or even a sweater to help keep them warmer.

Fleas & Ticks

Now that the weather is getting nicer you’re spending a lot of time soaking up the outdoors with your pet. Even though it’s cooler outside there are still fleas and ticks present. So, it is important to continue providing your pet with preventatives.

Lawn Treatment Season

Fall is a common time of year for all kinds of lawn treatments, from fertilizers to pesticides. Keep in mind that many lawn treatments are not safe for your pets, so if you’re having your yard treated be sure to familiarize yourself with the possible health hazards for your pet, and what you can do to eliminate your pet’s exposure to those chemicals.

Halloween is coming!

It’s already Halloween and the trick-or-treaters have come a knocking. Your pet will have many opportunities to escape with all the activity at the door. It’s a good idea to keep them secure to prevent that from happening. Also, you have to consider the candy that you’ll have in your home. You don’t want your pet ingesting anything toxic, such as chocolate.

Now that you’re pet is safe and happy enjoy your Fall! What outdoor activities are you enjoying this time of year with your pet? Let us know!