The Problem With Using A Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter to care for your pets can be a difficult and stressful process. After all, you are giving them access to your home when you're not there, AND you're giving them the huge responsibility of caring for your precious furbaby! That's why it's important to consider what can go wrong with a pet sitter, and ask lots of questions when meeting a pet sitter for the first time.

Does your pet sitter have a backup plan?

How reliable is your pet sitter?

How reliable is your pet sitter?

Hey, we're only human. Emergencies happen. Ask your pet sitter how he handles emergencies. Does your pet sitter have a backup plan? A truly professional pet sitter gets the job done on time, every time. This is VERY important for your pet, and it should be important to you, too! If your pet sitter gets sick, or sprains an ankle, what happens with your pet? Will your pet still get visited? By whom? It's a scary thought, but it's a question that doesn't get asked enough. Whoa Doggy! has a team of dedicated employees with set schedules that can be counted on, and enough members on staff that when someone has an emergency, another trained Whoa Doggy! Team Member can jump right in and pickup the schedule, right on time, without skipping a beat. We also have a backup plan for how we handle keys. We wrote a blog post about it: Read it here.

Pets have emergencies, too.

We hate it when it happens, but pets get sick sometimes, too. If your pet needs medical attention while in the care of your pet sitter, how will your pet sitter handle it? Will he take your pet to the vet? What if another pet needs to go to the vet? Will your pet get visited on time? These are important questions to ask your pet sitter. Whoa Doggy! has a wonderful team to help deal with emergencies, so we are equipped to take your pet to the vet and still maintain our schedule without any delays.

Does your pet sitter have availability?

How does your pet sitter handle booking for holidays and other busy times of year? Do you have to book months in advance to lock in your reservation? Whoa Doggy!'s team of professional pet sitters is equipped to handle those busy times. We want to be there for ALL of our clients, so we make sure we have enough staff on the schedule to handle those busy holidays.

How do you know your pet sitter showed up?

It's scary to think about it, but how can you be sure if your pet sitter showed up when he was scheduled? You can use cameras, and monitor your alarm system, but still, there's a lot of trust that goes into hiring a professional pet sitter. Ask your pet sitter what he does to show you that he's been there, that he was there on time, and stayed for the duration you've hired him for. Whoa Doggy! implements pet sitting software with a mobile app that our team uses to check-in at a client's home with GPS confirmation, and check out when they leave. There's a time stamp on the visit, and we even send pictures and a message every time!

How does your pet sitter manage scheduled visits?

Busy days require a reliable and efficient scheduling process. Does your pet sitter keep a paper calendar to manage his daily visit schedule? If so, what happens if he loses it or makes a mistake when writing down an appointment? Here at Whoa Doggy!, we use pet sitting software that puts the schedule in our clients' hands. Our clients can schedule their visits online 24/7 without checking our availability, and we send confirmation emails to let you know you're on our schedule. From there, we use our dedicated mobile app to follow our detailed schedule and mark each visit complete as we work through our day. 

How does your pet sitter stack up?

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