How Much Does A Pet Sitter Cost?

We get a lot of calls asking about our pricing, and we understand why! The cost of Pet Sitting is an important consideration when you're hiring a pet sitter, and it's helpful to understand where the pricing comes from. 

Whoa Doggy! Team Member, Chris, with his gorgeous dog, Reese!

Whoa Doggy! Team Member, Chris, with his gorgeous dog, Reese!

How does a pet sitter price services?

There's a lot that goes into setting prices for a professional pet sitting service, so let's take a look at some of the most important considerations.

How many pets do you have?

Many pet sitters charge higher rates based on how many pets you have in your home. Caring for one pet is a different job than caring for multiple pets. All of your pets need additional love, care, and attention, and often require more time to get the job done. It's also more responsibility for your pet sitter. 

Length of visits

The duration of a pet sitting visit generally affects pet sitting rates. A longer visit should cost more than a shorter pet sitting visit. Whoa Doggy! offers visits in different durations, to meet the needs of pets, and to meet budget requirements for our clients.


This is a big one! A professional pet sitter has insurance to protect your pets, your home, himself, and every member of his team. You should always make sure your pet sitter is insured, and if he isn't, you should consider looking for a new pet sitter who is. It's that important. Whoa Doggy! is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Ongoing Training

Part of being a professional pet sitter is keeping up to date on new industry trends and procedures, such as pet first aid training and CPR certifications, and memberships to professional pet organizations, and all of these things are helpful to providing their pet sitting clients with better care. 

Cost of gas and vehicle maintenance

Getting around town can burn a lot of gas, and that's a more tangible aspect to the pricing of a pet sitter's service. Driving around from appointment to appointment also puts wear and tear on a pet sitter's vehicle, and requires more frequent maintenance and repairs. A quality, professional pet sitter has reliable transportation, and that costs money.

Responsible business practices

In addition to being highly trained and insured, professional pet sitting businesses should also be registered and licensed with their local and federal government, and pay taxes. Pet sitters who operate on their own sometimes operate as cash businesses, off the books and under the radar. Whoa Doggy! is registered locally and federally, and we proudly employ highly trained pet sitters to care for your pets.

Ease of service

A professional pet sitting service should provide a wonderful customer experience. Things like online booking, easy electronic invoicing, credit card processing, and other various systems can really improve the customer experience for the humans, too! Whoa Doggy! offers online booking, credit card processing, and real-time GPS check-in and check-out at your home so you know when we were there, and for how long. We also send message updates after each and every visit.

Want to learn more about Whoa Doggy's Pet Sitting Services and Pricing, just check out our Pet Sitting Services page and our Cat Sitting Services page and if you have questions or want to schedule your Meet & Greet, just give us a call at (404) 941-4646 or Contact Us by email!