Cat Sitter vs. Cat Kennels or Cat Boarding: Which Is Better?

Many times when we get an inquiry from a new client, we are asked about cat boarding services. We don't offer cat boarding, but instead offer Cat Sitting in our clients' homes. Let's talk a little about the differences between cat boarding and cat sitting.

Cicily enjoying the comfort of her own home during a Whoa Doggy! Cat Sitting visit.

Cicily enjoying the comfort of her own home during a Whoa Doggy! Cat Sitting visit.

Differences between cat sitting and cat boarding

Cat Boarding

  • Limited pickup and drop-off times, which may not coincide with your travel plans. This can often require your cat to stay an extra night.
  • Many cat boarding facilities keep your cat in a cage or kennel for a significant portion of the day.
  • Sounds and smells of other cats can add to your cat's stress level.
  • Not all boarding facilities have significant interaction with every cat.
  • Abruptly leaving the comforts of home and going to a foreign place can put many cats into a state of panic.

Cat Sitting

  • Your cat is comfortable in her own home, with all the familiar sights and smells.
  • Your cat's diet and medication schedule is adhered to.
  • Quality one-on-one playtime, cuddling, brushing.
  • Monitoring of the litter box for regular use.
  • Built-in house sitting!
  • Ease of scheduling around your travel, as there are no arrangements to be made for dropping off or picking up your cat before and after your trip.
  • Come home to a happy, purring cat!

Whoa Doggy! Cat Sitting Services

We offer Cat Sitting services in different durations ranging from visits of 20 Minutes all the way up to 45 Minutes. We can visit up to three times per day while you're away, and we cater each visit to your cat's needs. We take care of your home while you are on vacation or traveling for work, and we also do daily litter box maintenance. You'll receive a picture message with every visit, too!

If you have questions about Cat Sitting or Cat Boarding, we'd be happy to talk about it with you. Please Contact Us to discuss your cat's needs and to see how we can help you!