Our Buddy Bugaboo Is Looking For A Home

Bugaboo is the perfect name for this precious boy. His foster mom calls him Boo :). We have been visiting Boo in his foster home, and are truly writing this from the heart. In fact, my heart is melting just thinking about what I am going to say about him. He is so very sweet and has such a wonderful personality. He would truly be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Boo has seen his share of tough times. As the result of neglect and stress, he is riddled with mange, which thankfully, is NOT contagious. He has been spending time with his foster mom and new doggy friend, Jessie in their home. We are pretty sure that this is the first time the life has been good for Boo, but he has adapted to family life without skipping a beat! He and Jessie get along famously, and we can attest, he LOVES people!!

Here he is after falling asleep...while sunbathing...with a toy in his mouth...

Here's Boo and his foster sister, Jessie relaxing together.

Because of his condition, Boo doesn’t quite look like himself right now. In a month or so he will be a beautiful yellow lab. He is housetrained and loves other dogs and people. If you are looking for a wonderful, heartwarming and really rewarding experience, Bugaboo is your boy. 

If you would like to foster, adopt, or help with Boo's medical expenses, please visit:  www.atlantalabrescue.com

Information on how to adopt is here:  http://www.atlantalabrescue.com/how-to-adopt/

Wags & Hugs,
Whoa Doggy!