How to Prepare Your Home for Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

So you found a professional in-home pet sitter/dog walker that you love and you've hired them...congratulations!! This is the beginning of a great relationship and a wonderful way to be sure your furry family will be loved and cared for when you can't be there! Naturally, you want to be sure your pet sitter or dog walker can spend scheduled visits with your pet providing undivided love and attention. Here are a few ways you can help ensure your pet sitter or dog walker maximizes the time he or she has with your pet. 

1. Make the most of your Meet & Greet.

Meet & Greets are designed for you to get to know your pet sitter/dog walker and vice versa. It is the ideal time for your pet sitter/dog walker to become familiar with your pet's routine, likes/dislikes, and any particular instructions unique to your pet or home. Lots of excitement happens at the Meet & Greet during the introduction between your pet and new pet sitter/dog walker, so take a moment prior to the Meet & Greet to jot down a few notes so you can be certain to go over them during the meeting. Be sure to write down some questions for your pet sitter/dog walker too, it's a great opportunity to get to know them!

2. Complete your profile thoroughly and keep it up to date.

Whoa Doggy! Pet Sitting, Atlanta uses a secure profile and scheduling system to manage all important information about you, your pet and all of the details needed to care for them in your home. Set up your profile keeping in mind that this is what your sitter will use as a guide for each visit. Be sure to include things like feeding info (amount of food per feeding, time of feedings, etc.), location of leash and food, and any preferences you have for your home (leave kitchen light on, lock top lock only, etc.). Make note of the location of towels that are appropriate to use on muddy paws for a rainy day, or any cleaning supplies that are safe to use in case of an accident. If any of your original profile information changes, such as a change in your pet's diet or a new medication, be sure to update your profile with this information. Your sitter will be notified in real time and will be prepared for the next scheduled visit.

3. Keep supplies in the same, easy to spot location.

Keep items you know your pet sitter/dog walker will use, such as leashes and harnesses, treats, brushes, towels, and food in a consistent location that's easy for your pet siiter/dog walker to find. This will allow them to spend more time on the important things (giving belly rubs!) and less time looking for necessary supplies.

4. Safety, safety, safety.

The safety of your pet sitter/dog walker is vital in ensuring a great visit with your pet. If you know it may be dark when your pet sitter is scheduled to arrive, leave a few lights on, including your porch or outside light. Be sure the entrance to your home is free of clutter or items your sitter might trip on. Notify your sitter of anyone that may potentially be in your home at any time during the days your sitter is scheduled, such as a house cleaning crew or a plumber.

5. Communication is key!

At Whoa Doggy!, we enjoy connecting with our human clients as much as we do our furry clients. If there's anything you'd like to reinforce or go over before a sheduled visit, give us a call!

The relationship you have with your pet sitter/dog walker is special. Making sure they have all the information they need to make the most of the time they have with your pet will make a difference. Your pet will thank you for it!